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Concierge Business Broker

Why use a Concierge Business Broker to Buy or Sell a Business in Florida?

Buying / Selling Florida Businesses Mergers and Acquisition

Selling your Business

Selling your Business

Selling your Business

Selling Business

  • No Upfront Costs-I do not get paid until you get paid
  • Discretion-Everyone signs a binding Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • No Tire Kickers-Every prospect is required to show Proof of Funds
  • Complimentary Consultation-Valuation and Structuring of Sale
  • Offering Memorandum- info on your company provided to prospects
  • Marketing Sale of Business-Comprehensive multi-channel marketing
  • Business Plan-Plan is created to enhance Value of you Business
  • 1 Point of Contact-Work directly with me
  • Realtor-Fiduciary and Transparent 

Buying a Business

Selling your Business

Selling your Business

Buying Business Florida

  • No  Cost-I get paid by the seller
  • Financing-Owner Financing, 401k, and SBA are most popular
  • Direct access to over 4000  listings + Off Market Businesses
  •  Expertise in matching you to the right business
  • Valuation expertise to ensure you are not overpaying for a business
  • Due Diligence assistance
  • Discretion and Confidentiality
  • Immigration Visas
  • Florida Domicile
  • Realtor-Fiduciary and Transparent 

About-Meet Edward Sklar?

About-Meet Edward Sklar?

About-Meet Edward Sklar?

Edward Sklar 
Concierge Business Broker

 Business Development executive with 30 years of experience 

  • Business Broker
  • Buy Business
  • Sell Business
  • Sell Business
  • Social Media Expert-20k+ LinkedIn Connections 
  • Public Relations-Appeared on numerous National Television shows .
  •  Leadership – Built Real Estate Company from concept to $60,000,000 in revenue
  • Technology –  Expertise with email marketing,,Internet Advertising, CRM, and Social Media. 
  • Masters Degree
  • Internationally Travelled  
  • Veteran -U.S.A.F.

Contact Me

About-Meet Edward Sklar?

About-Meet Edward Sklar?

Establishing Florida Domicile-Leaving New York

  • The best way to contact me is to click the link below and submit your details. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • If you are buying or selling a business in Florida I will let you know if I can be of assistance. As a Concierge Business Broker I only work with a limited number of buyers and sellers at any time to ensure that my schedule enables adequate time and attention to detail for my clients.


  • As a Concierge Business Broker in Florida I provide a Fiduciary and Transparent approach for Business Buyers and Sellers of Businesses. In working with me there are no other associates or administrators to deal with. I am your only point of contact which eliminates any miscommunication and ensures that all communications are crystal clear..


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Why use a Business Broker to Sell your Business?

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