Selling your Business

Offering Memorandum

A comprehensive description of your Florida Business for Sale  is prepared that includes the detail that is required by a prospective buyer that has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement and is Qualified Financially.

Business Valuation

I prepare a professional Broker Opinion of Value which is a comprehensive Financial Analysis of your Business for Sale. This report enables prospective buyers of your business to understand the value justification of the pricing of your Florida Business for Sale and enables me to sell your business

Sell Business Florida

How can your business increase sales and profitability? Every business buyer wants to know how to grow the business that they are purchasing. My extensive marketing background enables a comprehensive analysis for a prospective buyer.

Outreach to Buyers

A custom plan is created to target prospects for your business . This plan to sell your business includes contacting our extensive database of VIP Buyers, listing the business with the Business Brokers of Florida, Social Media, and advertising in industry publications.

Offer to Purchase

From the Business Broker website  I will receive Letters of Intent from other Business Brokers with  buyers having an interest in your company. I will accompany qualified buyers to tour your business. If any of the offers received are accepted by you we will proceed to Closing on the sale of your business.

Closing & Transfer

The buyer will be performing Due Diligence on your business. The better the financial records that you have available the quicker we can close on the sale of your Florida Business. I work closely with your attorney and accountant to resolve any issues, finalize the purchase and sale agreement, and close the transaction.

Seller Documents

I believe in full transparency and no surprises for the owner of a Florida  business interested in selling their business. Please see the relevant documents below for your review.

How Much is your Business Worth?

Seller Registration

Please complete the form below and we will contact you to discuss the valuation and sale of your business.