Establishing a Florida Domicile

Establish a Florida Domicile and Save Money on Taxes

Save on Taxes with a Florida Domicile florida businesses for sale

Great weather used to be the motivating factor for those in the Northeast seeking shelter from the winter storms. A new wave of people are seeking shelter from the taxation burdens and establishing a Florida Domicile to save a substantial amount of money every year.

As a former New Yorker living in Manhattan my taxes included local, state, and federal taxes, with a tax burden approaching 50%. Ouch, Florida has no state or local income taxes which is one of the reasons I joined the migration wave to Florida.

This flood of migration has been exacerbated by the $10,000 cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions. A recent analysis by a prominent tax attorney showed a person (or couple) earning $650,000 in ordinary income could save almost $70,000 by moving from New York to Florida.

Establishing Domicile and generating enough income to make a viable lifestyle change are challenges faced by many working in industries such as financial services, technology, etc…

In order to combat the nightmare of a residency audit by a state such as New York the two primary domicile factors to be considered are home and business connections. We have created a Concierge Business/Home program to help those interested in making the move by integrating the combined purchase of a business and a home to resolve the issues created by the audit.

This program is designed for those seeking to purchase a profitable business in South Florida. Click the link below for a sampling of Businesses for Sale that qualify for this program.

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A network of legal and financial advisors is available to ensure the entire process will be bulletproof , and Concierge Service ensures a smooth transition to Florida Domicile. florida businesses for sale buy business in florida